I am Toni. Welcome.

I make things. Content thing. Video is my favourite but I dally in writing as well.

I’ve always been a creative. I went to Arts Canterbury High School for Theatre then off to York University for Film & Video Production. I also take my creative aggression out on my kitchen by growing disgusting scobies and forcing people to drink their delicious kombucha juices. I bake treats to make up for this sadistic act.

Right now, I am swimming in the limbo abyss. I recently resigned as CEO of my first start-up, RedBrick Rooster Inc., a clucky little branding agency for entrepreneurs, social enterprises, artists, and freelancers. It was a riot but my creative heart craves a new love.

While I bask in deafening light of job hunting you can find me playing here. That is, when I’m not having an existential crisis somewhere else.

Hope you can keep up.

xx T